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In my day, it was a twat, snatch, coochie, muff, or beaver. Today, it’s more like pussy, cunt, vadge, hoo-ha, or vajayjay. Names for female genitals range from horrifically crude and approaching misogyny, to euphemisms so lovely, they are hardly recognizable. Whether you call yours a ‘fuck hole,’ the ‘quivering core of your femininity,’ or […]

Life is interesting. Truly. In my forties, I am starting over somewhat, and reinventing myself. I’m trying to make this version a little bit closer to the truth. That’s important to me. The truth. I guess my new mission statement is to live truthfully and with equanimity. — e·qua·nim·i·ty / ēkwəˈnimitē / Noun: Mental calmness, composure, […]