what a difference!


What a difference five days made! My trip wasn’t very long, but I was really able to relax.

Everything was unlike my normal life. I didn’t bring my kids, so I was “single.” I spent time with my brother’s family. My niece and nephews are much younger than my children, so their energy is completely different. I wasn’t working and I didn’t bring anything to do. I ate different food, and I even got a bedroom, which I don’t have at my apartment. No laundry, no bills; you get the picture.

Right before I left I found out I can walk on my foot (which has been broken for almost two months) and I walked around Lake Washington (2.7 miles) and another day, went for a walk in the rain in the dark. My other healing issue finally seems to be coming along, too.

I spent time with my brother. I got a lot of his time and attention, which was very, very cool. We talked about plans and dreams, and silly life-in-general things. My brother is my favorite person in the world. He’s not sure why, and I’m not entirely sure why. But with him, I feel safe and cared about, and that makes me feel happy. He doesn’t always agree with what I do, but he understands and supports me. I’m sure that part of it is that he knows where I came from, so there’s a lot I don’t have to explain.

Everything seemed to come together on this trip.

I came back feeling positive, feeling hopeful and with more energy than I’ve had in a while. I’m going back to my overall to-do list. It’s only been a little while, but I’ve been setting goals for myself daily and trying to meet them – at the very least, to accomplish something major every day. I also want to start exercising and eating better so I will lose weight. That’s it for now; I want to be able to meet those goals before making more. lol

This experience brings to mind the expression “change your location, change your luck.” It’s not actually about vacations (of course) but it sure seems to have worked for me. For as long as it lasts, I’m going to enjoy every minute of how this feels.

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